Board of Directors

Dr. Jaswinder Grover, MD

Jaswinder Grover, MD is an orthopedic and spine surgeon who has practiced in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 25 years.   Dr Grover is the founder, developer, and the owner of the Allegiant Institute and the Smoke Ranch Surgery Center, a referral center for patients with spine and pain disorders, which together employ more than 100 people in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Originally from India, he spent his childhood in England and migrated to the United States as a teenager.  He was invited to attend UCLA School of Medicine as an early acceptance for gifted students after only three years of college graduating with his MD at the age of 23.  He performed his residency in orthopedic and trauma surgery at the USC - Los Angeles County Medical Center for five years.  He thereafter served as fellow of spinal cord injury at the University of British Columbia, fellow of cervical spine reconstructive surgery at McGill University, Montreal, and fellow of spinal deformity and lumbar reconstruction surgery Nottingham Center for spine surgery in England.

He started his practice in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1995 as associate professor of orthopedic surgery at the University Medical Center attending to the most complex spine and pelvis injuries.  In 2004 he began the Nevada Spine Clinic and Center for Special Surgery, a private practice dedicated to the evaluation, care and treatment for patients with spinal disorders.  The center has since evolved to become the Allegiant Institute, a comprehensive referral center for patients with spine, musculoskeletal, and pain disorders both acute and chronic, providing complete assessment and treatment options for affected patients.  The Institute encompasses imaging and MRI facilities, a pain management division offering both pharmacological and advanced interventional options, regenerative and stem cell therapies, and advanced surgical solutions both major reconstructive when necessary, and when possible minimally invasive outpatient technologies.   The Institute is associated with the Smoke Ranch Surgery Center, a Joint Commission for the Accreditation for Hospitals accredited center. 

Over his career, Doctor Grover has personally performed over 12,000 spine surgeries and has pioneered various outpatient techniques in minimally invasive spine surgery.  He is a member of the American Medical Association, the North American Spine Society, and a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Doctor Grover remains actively involved as a consultant and surgeon and resides in Las Vegas with his wife of 22 years and his three teenage children.